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Butt Fusion Welding Services

Butt Fusion Welding Service

DRPS provide complete solution for welding of HDPE Pipes & Fittings using Butt-Fusion Welding technology Butt Fusion is the most important and widely used method of connection for HDPE Pipes & Fittings. It is a method of jointing pipe ends by way of heating and cooling under pressure, resulting in pipe joints as strong as the pipe itself.

Butt-fusion jointing is a thermos fusion process which involves the simultaneous heating of the ends of two components which are to be joined until a melt state is attained on each contact surface. The two surfaces are then brought together under controlled pressure for a specific cooling time and homogeneous fusion is formed upon cooling. The resultant joint is resistant to end thrust and has comparable performance under pressure to the pipe.

Butt Fusion Welding Machine

Butt welding employing fusion. Clean, leak- proof and permanent joints can be made by following the steps below: Cleanly cut the pipes as required

  • Remove fibrous material and chamfer inner edges using a rough file.
  • Bring the cut surfaces together and check alignment
  • Heat welding mirror to 210-degree C, bring the cut surfaces to be joined into contact with mirror. The material will melt.
  • Allow weld rims to form.